Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Puppy Contest, all part of the Midwest Leather Weekend, would not be possible without the help of our volunteers. For those new to Contests, here's a brief rundown of who and what it's about.

The Judges are individuals with experience and history in the Leather and Puppy Community who do interviews with contestants on Saturday during the day and judging during the contest Saturday evening.

The Mr Midwest Leather Contest and the Midwest Puppy Contest will be held at the same time, before the same panel of judges. This means more work for the judges, but we are sure they are up for it.

Judges (in alphabetical order)


Sir Benjamin, President, ONYX Great Lakes Chapter

Counselor Ochumaré ONYX, is also known as Sir Benjamin and is the Handler to his Pup Cerberus. He is currently the President and one of the six charter members of the ONYX Great Lakes Chapter, which is based out of Cleveland, OH and Detroit, MI. He previously was a member of the Midwest Chapter of ONYX out of Chicago. He also supports various activities within the Northeast Ohio region, including that region's Mr. Friendly, and various Pride activities that involve Leather representation. He previously had the honor of being a Judge at Mr. Kentucky Leather 2016 and served as one of the Tally Masters for ImsL 2017. He supported activities at Tri-State Leather 2016 and Indiana Leather 2016. He recently marched with the Leather Contingent at Akron's (Ohio) first LGBTQ Pride Parade and Event. He previously brought ONYX to Toronto for the first time internationally, and brought the Great Lakes Chapter to Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017 for the first time, presenting for Kink U.  He has done demos on handlers and pups within his organization, and believes the thriving Pup/Handler dynamic provides a unique opportunity for many in Dom/Sub relationships to learn about, acknowledge, respect, nurture and respond appropriately to the core humanity that exists, even in non-verbal ways. He strives to help those garner the strength of character needed to confidently represent themselves with their kinks/fetishes in the leather community. He attended Midwest Leather last year was extremely impressed. He is very honored to support Midwest Leather as a Judge this year.


Daddy Jeff, Mr Midwest Leather 2016

Daddy Jeff is a native of Kentucky and your Mr. Midwest Leather 2016.  He first stumbled on Leather in 2004 and has spent many years supporting the community through fundraising, service, and education. He sees Leather through the eyes of a daddy – a chance to help each individual find what makes them special. He is a member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, Titans of the Midwest, Derby City Bears, and Mr. Friendly – Team Louisville; and has volunteered as the Vendor/Venue coordinator for Tri-State Leather Weekend. Last but not least, he is proud to be one of the 66 brothers of the class of IML39/IMBB25.

He shares his life with boy-pup Scooby and is proud to be part of the Kentucky leather community, a unique and accepting collection of freaks, geeks, and weirdos of all shapes, presentations, and identities.  He believes that we are all better when we #Leathertogether (yes, that’s a verb).

Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa Leather 2015

A member of the Titans of the Midwest, and the Onyx Pearls South East, Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa Leather 2015 identifies as a girl and pup. Luck advocates and represents the idea of individuality, being true to ones' self, and thinking outside of the box. She is also adamant about promoting self expression. She flags red, hunter green and navy blue on the right, and fuchsia on both. She has been afforded the opportunity to Tally Master for International Mr. Leather, and judge contests from Iowa Leather Weekend, to other events such as Tristate Leather, and Twin Cities Leather Weekend. Luck currently serves on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend and continues to serve as an active member of her community. 


Jack McNulty, Board Chair, CLAW

Jack McNulty was born on weekend the Cleveland Indians won the World Series. Lived on the North Coast his whole life with ample visits to so many cities as a member of a Rock and Roll Garage Band.These same places now host many of the famous Leather and Pup Events. After a 1970's immersion in the budding leather culture he was active as a community organizer, union loyalist and free spirit. When a couple friends decided to organize Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend he was asked to keep the books, pay the bills and sort the records. He has been Board Chair for CLAW for the past six years while doing volunteer work as a church organist in various central city parishes. Always fascinated by the evolving expressions of Life in Leather and Tails from the Dawg Pound, He finds in these groups some of the finest people he has ever met. 

Sir Tighearn, Deviants of St. Louis

Sir Tighearn Dunamai has been in the St. Louis BDSM community for 10 years.  He found the Leather community shortly after entering the BDSM scene in 2008, and has worked on bringing education and acceptance to the community at large.  For the last few years, he has worked with a St. Louis group called Generation Kink on creating a group that welcomes newcomers to the lifestyle and works on creating networking and education for those first entering the BDSM community.

 Recently, he has worked on starting a new group called Deviants of St. Louis, which is working to create a body and sex positive community with a greater focus on education and social awareness.  The group also has begun outreach and charitable giving within the St. Louis community, which it continues to grow and develop in the hopes of extending further than the St. Louis demographic region.

 In October 2014, members of the St. Louis community came together and honored him with the title of Sir for his efforts in creating education, outreach, service, and leadership for the Community.  He is proud and honored to be a judge and support the Mr. Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy Weekend as a judge this year.





The Masters of Ceremony are up there at the podium keeping things moving, introducing and explaining (and often entertaining).

The Talley Master has the important task of keeping track of the scores from the judges. Throughout the contest the Judges Runner will be taking the score sheets to the mathmatical wizard, the Talley Master, who totals them up and figures out the final scores.

The Den Daddy has the vital job of wrangling the Leather Contest contestants. He is in charge of herding the contestants around. He keeps them on schedule, makes sure they are where they need to be, getting ready for what they need to do, and dealing with any issues.

The Den Boy has the equally vital role of herding the Puppy Contest contestants and making sure they are where they need to be, looking good and ready for action. He's the go-to Pup for any issues that arise for the Puppy Contest team.

The contest BootBlack is on hand to provide bootblacking service for everyone attending the contest Saturday night. He will be keeping boots and leather clean and polished and looking good. The Contestant BootBlack is there to take care of the contestants of the two contests and make sure they look their best.

The Judges Runner is the contact between the Judges and the Talley Master. The person in charge of making sure talley sheets from each category get to be counted. And sometimes in charge of getting drinks if there's time.


Pup Gungnir, Midwest Puppy 2016, Master of Ceremonies and EmCee Exceptional

Pup Gungnir, or Pup G as many call him, hails from the ‘House of HIRT’ located in Cleveland OH. Gungnir is beta of the house and beta to Alpha Mjolnir and Alpha to his wonderful beta bjorn. Pup G is a member of The PAAC (pups against animal cruelty) and is proud to be pledging ONYX (Great Lakes) as the first Native American pledge in ONYX history. When this doggo isn’t playing with squeaky toys, video games or cooking, he is Co-producer of the Cleveland puppy contest and Co-producer of Great Lakes pup and Trainer contest. Pup Gungnir is the current Midwest Puppy and is very proud to be representing the Midwest. Gungnir would like to tell all the Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy contestants "Just be yourself and leave it all on the stage."


Mike Lunter, Mr Missouri Leather 2009, Master of Ceremonies and EmCee Extrodinaire

Mike Lunter, a St. Louis native has been involved in the Leather community for over 10 years. "I am constantly amazed at the evolvement and growth in our kink and fetish community and proud that we have a surge of youth actively participating." Mike has judged several contests over the years and is Mr. Missouri leather 2009. Married to his boy just last month, Mike and Adam reside in St. Louis city.




O. John, Den Daddy

O. John has been honored to serve as Den Daddy for Mr. Midwest Leather for several years and was honored to be named Honorary Mr. Midwest Leather in 2015.  He is a native St. Lousian, but spent 14 years in San Francisco and was active in community service and leather community in the Bay Area.  He is a founding member of the Castro Lions Club, the first openly LGBT Lions club in the world.  Upon returning to St. Louis in 1997 he was active in the South Grand neighborhoods and house tours and restored a historic home in the Tower Grove East neighborhood. 

Now living on four acres of land in Jefferson County, he enjoys more privacy and is active in the nudist community in St. Louis.  He is an avid collector of nude male art.  O. John is heavily tattooed and always looking for new ink ideas to add to his skin.


KB Foreman, Den Boy

 More info to come soon. 


Mark Bozif, Talley Master

Mark Bozif was Mr. Missouri Leather in 2003, recipient of the 2004 American Brotherhood Golden Eagle Award, 2005 Midwest Pantheon of Leather Award, and the 2006 Washington State Leather Emerald Award.

Part of the Dragon Clan, he is now retired residing in St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s been in the lifestyle well over 25 years and still teaches classes on the subjects of:  S&M 101/102 (general safety and techniques), Bondage, CBT, Electric Play, Fire Play, and Impact play.  He has judged and emceed at many feeder contests for Mr. International Leather, International Leather Sir/boy, and American Brotherhood Weekend (bridging communities by also judging contests for the Continental Pageant system).  He is a full member of Seattle Men in Leather, associate of the Hellfire Club (Chicago), Fetish Lifestyle Open Group (FLOG), an Honorary Member of Gateway MC (St. Louis), and a voting member of the Leather Archives and Museum. ... and wishes all the contestants good luck!


boy Adam, Judges Runner

boy Adam has had the privilege of being collared to Sir Mike since November 2015 and married to Him since September 2017.

he is a member of Rudis Men's Leather Society and enjoys being of service to the leather community, particularly at Mr. Midwest where he was chosen to be one of the Den Daddies last year.

he loves cigar play, temperature play (ice and hot wax), flogging, exhibitionism and e-stim. Although primarily a sub, he enjoys exploring his Dom side with his Sir/husband.