The Midwest Leather Weekend Kink Fetish Seminars are presented by experts in their fields who are volunteering their time for this event. These sessions will be on Saturday during the morning and afternoon (times to come soon) while the private Judges Interviews are going on for the Midwest Puppy Contest and Mr Midwest Leather Contest. 

These are free to attend and open to anyone and everyone. This a great chance to learn new skills, acquire knowledge or even brush up on some basics in an open, non-judgemental, supportive and - most importantly - fun environment with like-minded kinksters. 

Saturday October 7, 2017 at J J’s Clubhouse, 3858 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63110

10:00am - 11:00am Mummification presented by Sir Wolfe  
Ever wonder what it is mummification? Well this is your chance to learn! Join Sir Wolf as he explains and demonstrates how to safely wrap and mummify your partner. The class will go over a brief history, safety, risks, methods, and tools used to make wrapping fun and enjoyable. After the demonstration, the floor will be open to ask questions and share your experiences. 

Sir Wolf had no idea what puppy play was until about 2012 when his boyfriend at the time asked if he wanted a human pup. After hearing an explanation, he said yes. Since then, he has learned what it means to have, handle, and train a pup; and how much happiness being a Handler can bring. He has been active in the handler/pup community for the last 2 years, but has been kinky for as long as he can remember. Sir Wolf is the handler of his pack, The Wolf Pack, and is the Trainer of his kennel. Currently, he is very involved with his local kink community, where he is a full member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol and The Titans of the Midwest. He has a passion for teaching and educating others in any way he can. He has done so at multiple events including CLAW, Kink U; through Facebook Live with his pup, Thumper; and in his spare time has written for the website ‪ He is also involved in the regional community and hopes his work both at home and in the surrounding area will encourage more kinksters to become Trainers or Handlers. 

11:00am - 12:00pm Service Dogs Service presented by Pup Link 
Ever wonder what it takes to be a service dog? This event is open to ALL leather, bdsm, fetish, and kink enthusiasts, and for those who are wanting to incorporate more old guard roots into their lifestyle as a puppy. Dive into the protocol and discipline of this role in the puppy play community with Service Pup Link. Learn Leash protocols, Formal dinner etiquette, and basics of a boy transformed into a pup. Reflections with bio service dogs

Service Pup Link is the current Mr. Midwest Rubber 2017 and what an amazing few months it has been, looking forward to the coming year indeed! I came into the active community 5 years ago through Sir Mitch, current Great lakes Leather Sir 2017, and Mistress Lily. I have mentored pups and handlers in their fetish journey, taught with the Titans of the Midwest, and volunteered at many events and organizations including the Chicago Puppy Patrol, Mr. Friendly, and C.L.A.W. and looking forward to talking to everyone about my own role in the pup community as a service dog.

1:00pm - 2:00pm Leather Care Basics (Not just for boots) presented by Pup Bjorn 
The class will focus on the basics of leather care. It will focus on pointing out the type of leather used on boots and what should be used.  The differences between wax and cream polishes and how they should be used. The class will be focus a lot around questions from everyone in the class on what they already know to the things that they want to know. What everyone should have in their kit if they want to do the basics at home and not wait for the next event to sit for a bootblack. 

Pup Bjorn is proud to be beta to both Alphas, Alpha Mjolnir and Alpha Gungnir. Bjorn is a service pup and enjoys dping things for his Alphas and others.  This has led Bjorn to Bootblacking. Bjorn has enjoyed bootblacking at multiple events. His journey as a bootblack and a puppy is just the beginning.  Bjorn is excited to keep learning about the community and himself. Learning where he will go on his own personal journey of discovery.

2:00pm - 3:00pm Anxiety In The Fetish Community presented by Pup Scout 
Personal Experiences from Pup Scout. A look at anxiety and headspace. How puppy play and various fetish headspaces can be beneficial to anxiety control as an adjunct to traditional therapy. As well, how to handle personal anxiety in fetish social situations and pointers of things to do when anxiety is overwhelming.  

Pup Scout (Nick Kirsch) is an active member of the Chicago, regional and national puppy and handler community and co-owner of Midwest Puppy. Identifying as a Husky and an Alpha Dog, as well as a Guard Dog and Service Dog, Pup Scout gets much satisfaction from nurturing and helping other pups and trainers. He is co-founder of the Inter-Fetish Coalition of Suicide Prevention and Awareness (IFCSPA) and has spoken in many venues and online forums about suicide prevention, mental health issues in the fetish communities, uniting fetishes and coalition building, pup play and handler training. As a philanthropist, he has raised thousands of dollars for suicide prevention. When not working or going to school He loves spending time with his daddy, Daddy John, playing video games and practicing Krav Maga. Pup Scout is a passionate Boot Black and is engrossed in multiple facets of the BDSM/Fetish community.

3:00pm - 4:00pm Poly Play presented by Master Tim 
Non-Monogamy.....? What's that?

Many of us in the community have relationships and dynamics that encompass more than one other individual. That being said, Poly dynamics are as varied as any other; there are "V" dynamics, swingers, open relationships, Triads, Quads, Polycules, etc, etc. 

There are many Leatherfolk who enjoy working a scene with more than one at a time; as they say, the more the merrier!  We will show how you can foster new relationships, settling a new individual into the arrangement, working with the strengths and weaknesses of each person to create a more fluid experience of power exchange between all during a scene.

Sir Tim and slave sarah, the 2016 Show-Me Leather Master and slave Titleholders, have been part of the Leather and kink communities for close to fifteen years, with slave camille joining their family within the past year and a half. Living in the St. Louis area, they have close Family ties all throughout the Midwest and beyond. Sir Tim, slave sarah, and slave camille are all proud members of Rudis Men's Leather Society; he as a full patch member and the girls as the first female associate members. They are also associate members of Blue Max Levi/Leather club. Sir Tim, a mental and physical sadist, with a fondness for fire play and bondage, is a Kansas City Leather University Headmaster, and with slave sarah and slave camille has taught such classes as Fire Play, Fire Cupping, Impact Play, M/s Dynamic, Leather Etiquette and Leather protocol. Sir Tim recently retired from the St. Louis Fire Department, and has previously volunteered his time bagpiping with the local Firefighters’ Pipe and Drum Corps. Slave sarah and slave camille are both service-oriented sadomasochistic slaves. Sarah also enjoys crafts and uses her talents to either donate to charities such as Project Linus and The Peyton Heart Project or to make the occasional whip or paddle, while camille is a recent transplant to St. Louis, previously living in Kansas City, volunteering at Dungeon IX and running the local TNG group. While not attending community events, they can be found working on their secluded twenty acre property in southeast Missouri. Together, they work to build on the dream of creating a secluded space for all to come and, as Sir Tim often says, “just be.”