Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Puppy Contest, all part of the Midwest Leather Weekend, would not be possible without the help of our volunteers. For those new to Contests, here's a brief rundown of who and what it's about.

The Judges are individuals with experience and history in the Leather and Puppy Community who do interviews with contestants on Saturday during the day and judging during the contest Saturday evening.

The Mr Midwest Leather Contest and the Midwest Puppy Contest will be held at the same time, before the same panel of judges. This means more work for the judges, but we are sure they are up for it.

Judges (in somewhat alphabetical order)

Pup Axle

Pup Axel is a native North Carolinian (just listen to him talk) who currently resides in Cleveland, OH. He has been actively involved in the leather, kink, and puppy community for the last 4 years. Pup axel does identify as a golden retriever, but some say he is a poodle. He is also your current Midwest Puppy 2017 and Cleveland Puppy 2018. With his title, he has used it to become an advocate for all pups.  No matter what walk of life all Pups have a place in the puppy community. 

Since being in the community he has been a mentor for newer pups and those curious about puppy play.

Pup axel has been happily collard to Sir Marc and Master Noel for 3 years now.

This puppy is no stranger to volunteering and community service. For 4 years now you will have seen him running around CLAW as a super volunteer and coordinator. Though his biggest passion for the better part of the last decade has been HIV/AIDS Activism and advocacy in the youth and LGBT communities. 

Edward Brooks

Edward Brooks is Mr. Northwoods 2017, and is a proud member of the IML class of 2018 where he placed in the top 20. He traveled to many events throughout the Midwest and Irelands' Dublin Leather weekend during his title year and he continues to travel frequently to leather events





Pup Gazer

Gazer is a 23-year-old, trans pup whose spirits are always as high of the stars. She considers pup space to be a home for all, regardless of self-definition, and is always willing to lend a paw. Gazer is the current Illinois Puppy, and is actively finding new ways to benefit kink and fetish communities. As an eager advocate for Team Friendly Chicago and kink inclusiveness, Gazer is a coordinator at the Chicago Rose (a pangender/pansexual lifestyle club) to help promote a cross-kink and fetish environment for anyone of any walk of life to feel comfortable with themselves, to educate and be educated, and to have fun in a safe, accepting space.




slave sarah

slave sarah, one-half of the 2016 Missouri Master/slave Titleholder couple, is a service-oriented sadomasochistic slave, born and raised in St. Louis, MO. she entered the community close to 17 years ago and has been the proudly owned property of her Master and husband, Sir Tim, for 15 years.  slave sarah has gained a love and respect for Leather from her Master, as well as from her close family ties in St. Louis and Kansas city, as well as much of the Midwest and beyond. she is always seeking to learn from the knowledge and experience of those around her.

slave sarah is one of the first female associate members of Rudis Men’s Leather, a frequent volunteer with KC LU, helping with both Leather Bridges and Leather in the Woods each year, and newly elected Treasurer of the Fourth City Sisters, as Novice Sister Salmonella Fishgerald. she has assisted her Master in teaching and presenting classes on such topics as Impact, Fire Play, Leather etiquette and protocol, M/s and Poly dynamics, and intimate grooming, as well as End of Life planning at various venues, speaking from the bottom perspective, and acting as demo bottom. she has a passion for teaching, and loves to share her knowledge.

she also enjoys crafts and uses her talents to either donate to charities such as Project Linus and The Peyton Heart Project or to make the occasional whip or paddle. When not at home, working, or attending community events, she can be found alongside Sir Tim and her sister, slave camille, working on their secluded twenty-acre property in southeast Missouri, with the dream of building a space which can be used by the community as a place of retreat and solace.

Bob Suggs

Bob Suggs was born and raised in Evansville, IN where he was an active AIDS activist and a founding board member of the AIDS Resource Group of Southern Indiana.  He has been involved with the leather community since the early 80’s.

He moved to St. Louis in the early 90’s and has called this home since. He has been involved with the leather community here and is a past member of Blue Max CC. He, also, was part owner of Bad Dog Bar and Grill where many leather events had been held including Mr. Midwest Leather

As a supporter of the Leather Community, he has given his time and resources to help promote a safe and sane environment for all.

Bob is married to his partner of 23 years, Jim and though they don’t frequent as many leather events as they like, they do support many different groups when they can.

Bob finds a man in a suit erotic, a man in bondage titillating and a man being flogged…Did I mention he likes to flog the willing?

Bob is actively writing a novel about his early leather life.




The Masters of Ceremony are up there at the podium keeping things moving, introducing and explaining (and often entertaining).

The Talley Master has the important task of keeping track of the scores from the judges. Throughout the contest the Judges Runner will be taking the score sheets to the mathmatical wizard, the Talley Master, who totals them up and figures out the final scores.

The Den Daddy has the vital job of wrangling the Leather Contest contestants. He is in charge of herding the contestants around. He keeps them on schedule, makes sure they are where they need to be, getting ready for what they need to do, and dealing with any issues.

The Den Boy has the equally vital role of herding the Puppy Contest contestants and making sure they are where they need to be, looking good and ready for action. He's the go-to Pup for any issues that arise for the Puppy Contest team.

The contest BootBlack is on hand to provide bootblacking service for everyone attending the contest Saturday night. He will be keeping boots and leather clean and polished and looking good. The Contestant BootBlack is there to take care of the contestants of the two contests and make sure they look their best.

The Judges Runner is the contact between the Judges and the Talley Master. The person in charge of making sure talley sheets from each category get to be counted. And sometimes in charge of getting drinks if there's time.

Mike Lunter, Mr Missouri Leather 2009, Master of Ceremonies and EmCee Extrodinai

Mike Lunter, a St. Louis native has been involved in the Leather community for over 10 years. "I am constantly amazed at the evolvement and growth in our kink and fetish community and proud that we have a surge of youth actively participating." Mike has judged several contests over the years and is Mr. Missouri leather 2009. Married to his boy just last year, Mike and Adam reside in St. Louis city.



O. John, Den Daddy

O. John has been honored to serve as Den Daddy for Mr. Midwest Leather for several years and was honored to be named Honorary Mr. Midwest Leather in 2015.  He is a native St. Lousian, but spent 14 years in San Francisco and was active in community service and leather community in the Bay Area.  He is a founding member of the Castro Lions Club, the first openly LGBT Lions club in the world.  Upon returning to St. Louis in 1997 he was active in the South Grand neighborhoods and house tours and restored a historic home in the Tower Grove East neighborhood.  

Now living on four acres of land in Jefferson County, he enjoys more privacy and is active in the nudist community in St. Louis.  He is an avid collector of nude male art.  O. John is heavily tattooed and always looking for new ink ideas to add to his skin

Mark Bozif, Talley Master

Mark Bozif was Mr. Missouri Leather in 2003, recipient of the 2004 American Brotherhood Golden Eagle Award, 2005 Midwest Pantheon of Leather Award, and the 2006 Washington State Leather Emerald Award.

Part of the Dragon Clan, he is now retired residing in St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s been in the lifestyle well over 25 years and still teaches classes on the subjects of:  S&M 101/102 (general safety and techniques), Bondage, CBT, Electric Play, Fire Play, and Impact play.  He has judged and emceed at many feeder contests for Mr. International Leather, International Leather Sir/boy, and American Brotherhood Weekend (bridging communities by also judging contests for the Continental Pageant system).  He is a full member of Seattle Men in Leather, associate of the Hellfire Club (Chicago), Fetish Lifestyle Open Group (FLOG), an Honorary Member of Gateway MC (St. Louis), and a voting member of the Leather Archives and Museum. ... and wishes all the contestants good luck!

boy Adam, Judges Runner

boy Adam has had the privilege of being collared to Sir Mike since November 2015 and married to Him since September 2017.

he is a member of Rudis Men's Leather Society and enjoys being of service to the leather community, particularly at Mr. Midwest where he was chosen to be one of the Den Daddies in 2016.

he loves cigar play, temperature play (ice and hot wax), flogging, exhibitionism and e-stim. Although primarily a sub, he enjoys exploring his Dom side with his Sir/husband.


Sparkie, Bootblack

Sparkie grew up in Vermont, where he became very familiar with the LGBT and Leather Communities and with giving back by volunteering. He has lived all over the country, including the Montpelier, VT area, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Chicago, and now Wisconsin. He has learned about, and been immersed in, the Leather and Bootblack Communities in each of those places. He enjoys giving back by bootblacking and doing volunteer work, both in and out of the Leather Community. Sparkie has a passion for teaching and sharing the skills he learned from his mentors with up-and-coming bootblacks.

Sparkie is proud to be the At Large North Executive Board Member for the Titans of the Midwest, a member of the Wisconsin Band of Brothers, and a member of Mama’s Family. He has held 2 titles: Central Plains Leather Boy 2009 and Illinois Community Bootblack 2015. Along with girl Becky, Sparkie co-produces the Bootblack Round-Up, and is already preparing for the 2019 Bootblack Round-Up (, which will be held September 20-22 in Chicago, IL. Sparkie lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife, girl Becky, and is proud to be her Daddy.  When he’s not being kinky or working, he enjoys educating Becky on all of the movies she has failed to see, which is pretty much all of them.