Contestant Requirements & Contest Details


Mr Midwest Leather Contest Application

First, read the requirements below. Then, click here to fill out the digital application form. Fill in all the necessary information, then hit the submit button below it. The application will be sent directly to us.

This is the only information the judges will be given.

If you have additional information for the judges, bring five copies to the contest interview on Saturday.

All contestants must provide a legal government issued I.D. proving they are over the age of 21 and legally male.

There is no entry fee to be a contestant in the Mr Midwest Leather Contest.

Any questions please contact the producers through the contact link on this website.

At the contest you will be required to sign a paper stating all the information submitted is true, as well as a photo release allowing the Midwest Leather Weekend to use photos of you in advertising, on the website and in news stories. You will also receive a printed list of requirements for the title of Mr Midwest Leather. Those requirements are listed below.

Mr Midwest Leather Requirements

The Mr Midwest Leather title represents 13 Midwestern States. Contestant should be a resident of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, or Kentucky.

Being a title holder means meeting a wide variety of people in the community and opening new doors to a lifetime experience.

1. The title holder will be expected to travel to at least four states (other than his own home state) to do the following: Fundraising events for title holder’s charity or to help fellow title holders at their events, or being a judge at other Leather events. If there are any questions about what qualifies for an appropriate event, contact your Producers.

2. Do 2 fundraisers for the benefit of Mr Midwest Leather Contest in his own state or any of the other 13 states. These two fundraisers must be done between October 10 of the title year and May 1 of the following year. The Producers will be available to assist and advice if needed. Please do not hesitate to ask your Producers for help.

3. Contestants will be responsible for raising money for their own travel fund during their title year. Again, your Producers will always be available with help and advice if needed

4. Attend the following events as the current Mr Midwest Leather:
   - Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW), Cleveland, Ohio
   - MidAtlantic Leather Weekend (MAL), Washington, DC
   - International Mr Leather (IML), Chicago, IL
Note: During the title year, the title holder’s travel fund will help pay for your expenses. 

5. Open communication is important. It is essential that the title holder stay in contact with Producers of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest every week during the title year. This is so the title holder can get as much visibility in the community for his work during the title year. This will allow the Producers and former title holders to offer assistance and advice as needed. We cannot stress enough the importance of open communication; email, text, phone call, letter, social media, etc. 

6. While representing the Mr Midwest Leather title there should be no nude photos or lewd behavior while wearing the title vest, sash or medallion, using the Mr Midwest Leather logo or name or appearing as Mr Midwest Leather. On your own time, do as you please, but while representing the title, please be responsible.

7. The experience and memories of representing the Mr Midwest Leather title and competing in IML are priceless. Enjoy.


The Contest Details

The contest is made up of four categories:

First Category - Judges Interview. 40% of score
The Interview will be held Saturday afternoon and is closed to the public. Contestants will be asked questions by the judges. Questions will cover information from the applications, knowledge of Leather History, current affairs and other topics.

The next three categories take place Saturday evening at JJ's Clubhouse in front of the audience.

Second Category - Bar Wear, 10% of score
Contestants wear what they believe is their hottest outfit; what they would wear to be picked up or pick someone up at a bar. This is also where the contestants will be introduced to the audience.

Third Category - Pecs and Personality, 20% of score (street-legal attire required)
This is not a body building or beauty contest. Contestants will be judged on how well they answer a question posed by the judges while wearing minimal wear. This shows how comfortable they are in their own skin on stage - and think - wearing very little.

Fourth Category - Full Leather/Speech
Contestants will wear full leather and will present a prepared 90 second speech on whatever subject is important to them.


Mr Midwest Leather Prizes 

Changes are coming, details to come as well. Please stay tuned.