Congratulations to Jay Johnson, Mr Midwest Leather 2014

Mike Prater and Charlie Schoenherr, co-producers of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Leather Weekend, want to congratulate Jay Johnson for doing a really great job representing the title and the community Memorial Day Weekend at IML. We're very proud of him.

Jay posted on his Facebook account:

"Friends and family, my IML weekend is over. While I did not place in the Top 20, I come home with my head held high. If I could go back just one year and tell my old self what was in store for him and that he would wind up a contestant at IML, he would say "you're fucking crazy".

That's my win. Life is progress, not perfection. This journey has changed me, and my new extended IML family are a phenomenal group of men that I would do anything for.

Congratulations to Brian Bolt Donner, Kevin Murphy, and Patrick Smith! You're an amazing trio of men who will do us proud and I am happy for you all!"

Visit Jay's Facebook page to see what he's been up to and where he's been during the past year.