The Mr Midwest Leather Contest is held every year and open to Leathermen from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Kentucky. The titleholder represents these 13 Midwestern States at IML and events all over the area. The Mr Midwest Leather title is a platform for doing good in the community.

Midwest Leather Weekend: Mr Midwest Leather & Midwest Puppy

Midwest Leather Weekend is made up of two contests as well as associated events, parties and demos. This year the two contests, Mr Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy, will be on Saturday night. The two contests will take place before the same panel of judges. While participants from one contest are off stage preparing for the next segment, the participants from the other contest will be on stage. Twice the fun and hot men on one special night.

After several years at Bad Dog Bar & Grill, we want to express our appreciation to Jim and Bob of Bad Dog for their generous hospitality and support. We hope Jim and Bob enjoy their semi-retirement.

The Midwest Leather Weekend announces their new home at JJ's Clubhouse and Bar, conveniently located at 3858 Market St, St Louis, MO 63110 (at the intersection of Vandeventer and Market)
We're looking forward to a great Leather Weekend October 2,3 and 4, 2015.


Congratulations to Jay Johnson, Mr Midwest Leather 2014

Mike Prater and Charlie Schoenherr, co-producers of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Leather Weekend, want to congratulate Jay Johnson for doing a really great job representing the title and the community Memorial Day Weekend at IML. We're very proud of him.

Jay posted on his Facebook account:

"Friends and family, my IML weekend is over. While I did not place in the Top 20, I come home with my head held high. If I could go back just one year and tell my old self what was in store for him and that he would wind up a contestant at IML, he would say "you're fucking crazy".
That's my win. Life is progress, not perfection. This journey has changed me, and my new extended IML family are a phenomenal group of men that I would do anything for.
Congratulations to Brian Bolt Donner, Kevin Murphy, and Patrick Smith! You're an amazing trio of men who will do us proud and I am happy for you all!"