An announcement from the producers of Mr Midwest Leather 

It is with great sadness that the producers of Mr Midwest Leather and Adam Heusinveld have come to the mutual decision that Adam will vacate his title as Mr. Midwest Leather 2017.  The statements made by Adam do not reflect the values of the contest. We wish him the best in all of his future endeavors, and hope that he takes this time for self reflection.



Midwest Leather Weekend Begins Preparations For October, 2018

The annual Midwest Leather Weekend will take place the first weekend of October at JJ’s Clubhouse, St Louis, Missouri. The highlight of the weekend is the combination Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Puppy Contest, held Saturday night, October 6. 

But the Weekend is more than just the two contests. There’s social events Friday, Saturday and Sunday, open to all members of the kink community – experienced or beginning.

The Kink Seminars will be held again on Saturday afternoon, October 6, and are open to the public, free admission. Leading experts in their fields will offer classes on selected Kink topics, often with demonstrations and hands-on practicing. People have traveled from neighboring states in the past to attend the seminars. It’s a great opportunity to learn as well as meet people.

 Noted Leather Artist Jerry Miller will be presenting his work Saturday night with the help of his handpicked models.



 The Mr Midwest Leather Contest

Excellent coverage of the 2016 contest as well as the entire Midwest Leather Weekend by Great Lakes Den can be found here. Please check it out. 

The Mr Midwest Leather Contest is held every year and open to Leathermen from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Kentucky. The titleholder represents these 13 Midwestern States at IML and events all over the area. The Mr Midwest Leather title is a platform for doing good in the community.

Do you have what it takes to represent the community? Click here to go to the application page and sign up for the Mr Midwest Leather Contest. It's a great opportunity to meet people, make friends, grow as an individual and as a Leather Man, and give back to the Leather and LGBT community.

Every Mr Midwest goes to IML to compete for the title of International Mr Leather. The Producers of Mr Midwest Leather and their team will work with you from day 1 to prepare for IML and beyond. We will always be there for you. Since 2005, six Mr Midwests have made the Top 20, two have been selected 2nd Runner Up. Ultimately it doesn't matter where you place, though; it's only important that you do your best and come back with your head held high. 

Midwest Leather Weekend: Mr Midwest Leather & Midwest Puppy

Midwest Leather Weekend is made up of two contests as well as associated events, parties and Kink University demos and seminars hosted by Titans of the Midwest. The two contests, Mr Midwest Leather and Midwest Puppy, will be on Saturday night. The two contests will take place before the same panel of judges. While participants from one contest are off stage preparing for the next segment, the participants from the other contest will be on stage. Twice the fun and hot men on one special night.